A single day increase of 45%! Hashgard Bi-weekly Report(10.14–10.27)

A good news comes as if the vernal breeze had come back overnight in a terrible winter!

With the advancement of blockchain technology, the communist party of China and the people’s republic of China have further stated to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. As a high-qualified example of blockchain + finance, GARD broke through 45% increase yesterday along with the good news.

The blockchain is an important technology to lead the next era. Hashgard will actively respond to the call of the communist party of China and the people’s republic of China. In the future, it will focus on technological innovation and promote the further development of the blockchain industry.

What did we do during the past two weeks? Keep reading.

Hashgard R&D Progress
Hashgard Public Chain

Hashgard Smart Contract Compiler V0.2 under development

1. AST-based compiler code framework being optimized

2. Instruction set 1: Virtual machine built-in instruction related compilation function being optimized

3. Instruction set 2: Compilation function related to chain interoperability instruction, development of some newly-added instruction completed, under test

4. Instruction set 3: Compilation function related to instructions supporting some python storage, development of some newly-added instruction completed, under test

5. Instruction set document synchronization update

6. Sample contract code update

20% | ■■□□□□□□□□ |

Hashgard public chain virtual machine V0.2 under development

1. Virtual machine and chain interoperation module, part of the instruction optimization completed, under test

2. The virtual machine and gas interaction management refinement plan determined, the development completed, under test.

3. Smart contract specifies the gas address collection plan, development completed, under test

4. Smart contract timing task development completed, under test

5. Virtual machine advanced data structure support, under development

6. Smart contract security upgrade and destruction plan in plan

7. Smart contract usability guide tutorial in plan

40% | ■■■■□□□□□□ |

Hashgard public chain v0.9.0 under development

1. Public chain data export and upgrade function bug fix, development completed

2. The client automatically activates the function after creating the wallet address, under development.

3. The public chain virtual machine v0.2 supports advanced functions such as timing tasks.

30% | ■■■□□□□□□□ |

Hashgard public chain native function contract under development

1. HRC-10 TokenIssue asset issuance function, development completed, test completed

2. Atomic exchange function, plan to develop

3. HRC-11 Depositbox deposit box function, under development

4. HRC-12 FuterBox future payment box function, plan to develop

5. HRC-13 Recording certificate of deposit function, plan to develop

10% | ■□□□□□□□□□ |

Blockchain wallet version v0.37 developed and launched

1. Complete the wallet account asset token

2. Complete the account asset delegation module

3. Improve transaction records

4. Proposal voting module development completed

5. Complete tap contract coin

6. Complete the InstantLotteryGame development

7. Complete the adaptation of MathWallet to the new GARDBOX

100% | ■■■■■■■■■■ |

Blockchain browser version v0.37 development completed and launched

1. Data interface adaptation testnet sif-8000

2. Add smart contract transaction query module

100% | ■■■■■■■■■■ |

For more technical progress, please refer to Github:


Hashgard News

Hashgard responds positively to the calls of the communist party of China and the people’s republic of China

As a technical project, Hashgard has always been committed to promoting the development of the blockchain industry from the three levels of value concept, technological innovation and application realization. In the future, the project will actively respond to the call of the communist party of China and the people’s republic of China, and continuously increase the blockchain technology investment, dedicated to new technology development and application.

Hashgard and the Force Protocol reached a strategic cooperation

Can the blockchain make the world better? Does the financial + blockchain business integration represent the future direction of the financial sector? The Hashgard and The Force Protocol, two high-quality projects in the blockchain finance sector, have come together to promote the future of digital finance.

Xu Chaoyi’s views on investment: cross-chain and game will be the most important track

On the evening of October 25th, Xu Chaoyi, the founder of Hashgard, was invited as a tutor to participate in the sharing of the new blockchain investment training and put forward his own views on investment opportunities from 2019 to 2020. Xu Chaoyi said: Cross-chain and games may become the most important track.

Xu Chaoyi is a guest at Gate.io Live Room

On the evening of October 28th, the founder of the Hashgard, Xu Chaoyi, was invited to be a guest at the Gate.io live broadcast room to talk about the development of the blockchain with the Gate.io user. In the live broadcast, Xu Chaoyi said that the Hashgard public chain may be currently an application-friendly public chain that is very suitable for developers.

Hashgard business partner plan is released, and a few bitcoins can be earned in one order

As the country’s support for the blockchain industry has increased, more and more enterprises and companies have once again focused on blockchain technology. Hashgard recently launched an emerging business to help different projects to blockchain reform, or provide blockchain support. Therefore, we have launched a Hashgard business partner program, which is simply to recommend companies with chain reform or blockchain technology and operational service requirements to Hashgard projects, and to obtain a share!

As of the date of this report, there are nearly 40,000 members in Hashgard’s Chinese, English, Russian and Southeast Asia telegram groups.

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Reddit has more than 8,000 followers.

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