Global First Probabilistic Mining Game Dapp To Be Launched!!!

Previously, we announced the new DAPP plan to the community — —

It is the first probabilistic mining game DAPP. In the far west, a mysterious mine was discovered and large amounts of minerals were unearthed. The gold rush is about to come

In the past, Farming is about staking and mining, now we have added a random number system to it. During the mining process, some people win and some people lose.

In the Dapp, the users can choose to occupy the mining pool or invest, which can be explained as staking GGT to generate random numbers. GGT will be needed during the entire game, including occupation period, mining period, harvest period and relief funds reception,etc.

DAPP will be launched vey soon!!

To participate in the game, the users are required to have at least 300GGT. But now we have promotional campaign.

Follow the rules as below to get your 300GGT and participate in the game. Remember to PM admin-Carlota to send your wallet address.

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