Gold Rush Age is Approaching!

In the far west, a mysterious mine was discovered and large amounts of minerals were unearthed. The gold rush is about to come. Some pioneers rushed to the west. They will become owners and investors of the mines.

Global first probabilistic mining game DAPP is officially launched — —

The first round of the game starts at 14:00(UTC+8), on November 27, 2020.

How to play?

Every user of this Dapp will play the role of a gold digger and obtain rewards by occupying or investing in mining pools.

The Mining will experience Occupation period, Mining period and Harvest period.

During this period, users can get the ownership of mining pools. Each mine has 9 mining pools, and users can occupy several pools one time. The occupation period lasts 4 hours. Following the occupation period, we enter the mining period. At the same time, the next mine enters the occupation period.

Mining Period:

During this period, users can help the mine owner in the form of investment, and each mining will increase or decrease the wealth of the mining pool.

Harvest Period:

During this period, the mine owner with the highest wealth value will successfully obtain rewards, while the mine owner with the lower wealth value will go bankrupt, who will receive a certain amount of “relief funds”.

How to participate?

1. Enter Hashgard gardbox:

2. Click on [DAPP] — Gold Rush Age

3. Select one mining, click on [Occupy] or[Invest]


In order to occupy a mine, you should pay 20000 GGT, which is fixed price.The users can occupy several mines one time, without upper limit.


Click to enter, you can view the details of the 9 mining pools. Click on [Mining] under the mine pool, and invest 1000–10000GGT. Your investment enables to add/reduce the wealth of the mine pool.

The users can invest in multiple mining pools, and each mining pool can receive up to 99 investments. Miners can invest in their own and others’ mining pools.

For every investment, part of the GGT(ranging from 10 to 99) will be transferred to the relief funds pool.

For all mining pools you have invested, a flag will be displayed on the upper right corner.


In any mine pools in the [Harvest Period], click on “Harvest” to obtain your rewards.

The mine owner with the highest wealth value will receive 30% of the rewards, and the remaining 70% will be distributed to the investors according to the proportion of invested GGT.

Users can click on any mining pool to view the total investment amount. The user’s investment will be marked.

The first round of the game starts at 14:00(UTC+8) on November 27.

In order to participate in the game, the users are required to hold at least 300GGT. To enable everyone equal opportunity to participate in the game, we launched a promotional campaign:

1. Post the banner below on your twitter and share it in other crypto communities

2. Contact Admin-Carlota and provide your wallet address

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