Hashgard 5.20–5.27 Weekly Progress Report

The Hashgard team is committed to building a distributed trusted asset management protocol and is a high-performance public blockchain in the next-generation digital finance industry.

1 Weekly Headline

Hashgard received $10 million+ in funding from Fenbushi Capital, BK Fund, Gobi Partners, Bibox, Node Capital, Alphabit Fund, Frees Fund, Transference Fund, Fang Fund Partners, Linkvc, LD Capital, IMO Ventures, PreAngel, 8Decimal Capital, Stars Capital, Milestone Capital, Next Blockchain Capital, Blockwater Capital, Bitrise Capital, Hello Capital, Code Link, Vulpe Capital, Spark Capital, CHI Capital, Scry.Info Foundation, IRIS Foundation, Delphy Foundation, MDS Foundation, Primas Foundation, Genesis Capital, W Fund, and more.

During the fundraising period, Hashgard Foundation received investment intentions from hundreds of well-known financial institutions and investment institutions around the world. Due to the limited amount of financing available, it was unable to meet the investment offers of all interested institutions. For those who have not participated in this round of financing, we expressed our sincere regret. We further hope that we will be able to establish in-depth cooperation at the capital and business levels in the future.

2 International Market Development

2.1 Telegram

We have made a debut in the Western world. We have just built social media channels such as Reddit, LinkedIn, and Medium, and we have received great attention. Our English group of telegrams ushered in an outbreak on Wednesday, with more than 100 people in the morning and more than 6,000 in the evening. As of press time, there have been nearly 20,000 people.

2.2 Community Involvement

As the project becomes widely recognized both at home and abroad, Hashgard fans have started publicizing our project spontaneously. For example, a blockchain commentary channel has released Hashgard’s product introduction on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US1xee2s2uo

2.3 Hashgard Co-Founder Community Broadcasting

Tom Huang, co-founder and chief operating officer of Hashgard, broadcasted "The Token fund's mode of operation and investment philosophy" in the Chinese community of Hashgard and startup iteration camp on Thursday night. It was well received both inside and outside the community, enabling more people to know about Hashgard. The mission and vision.

3 Technical Development

3.1 The first version has been developed

The first version of the Hashgard SaaS Asset Management Platform has been developed and tested internally. We will open betas in the near future and provide professional digital asset management capabilities. The follow-up asset management system will also provide exchange docking, risk control management, team collaboration and other functions.

3.2 The smart contract Main-net scheduled to be released before June next year

The smart contract Main-net scheduled to be released before June next year. Hosting blockchain-based asset issuance, asset management, asset custody, and other functions. In terms of development planning, Hashgard plans to establish a digital asset management financial ecosystem and connect the ecological components of the industry, such as identity authentication (KYC), forecasting market, and reliable data verification, and build infrastructure for digital finance. It has in-depth cooperation with projects such as Scry.Info, a blockchain underlying development project, and Irisnet, a developer of cross-chain service underlying protocols.

3.3 Hashgard.com SAAS Tech development details


· "New Token Feedback": users can report Tokens that haven't been on the exchange. After the audit is approved, they can be recorded and accounted in the system.

· "Candy Distribution": distributes airdrops to participating students and contributing volunteers by sending a verification code to the telegram group.


· Deleting the last operation record that caused a calculation error

· Fixed mixing of Chinese and English in time control page

· Fixed mixing of English and Chinese in change password page

· Fixed the issue of requiring users to fill in note in wallet


· Automatically calculates the price based on the number of Tokens in the trading page

· Added sorting function in asset portfolio page

· Expanded clickable area of asset portfolio button

· After creating new wallet, automatically selects that wallet

· Adjusted workstation layout and design, enhance visual effects

· Moved the infrequent function buttons such as “Increase Capital” and “Reduce Capital”to the top of the list

· Optimized the change of fund's net value and increase the limit of line chart

· Optimized the display of digits beyond 16 digits

· Adjusted calculation formula of fund profit, the summary is changed to “total income”, and the asset list is changed to “realized income”

Under development:

· Increased user access speed in mainland China

· ETH wallet audit and accounting

· Adjustment of system that displays historical price at time of acquisition

· Underlying database optimization, improve system stability

· SaaS System English Version

Thank you for your support and trust.

These are our official social platforms:

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hashgard/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgardeng

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/hashgardengchannel

Medium: https://medium.com/@hashgard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hashgard1

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hashgard/

Our other Telegram Chats:

China Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgard

China Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/hashgardchannel



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