Hashgard Bi-weekly Report(01.07–01.20)

The year is coming to an end, the Spring Festival is just around the corner, and the blockchain market has entered a staggering period. Some people are leaving the scene, and some people are entering into the market. The bubble has cracked and the real value of the blockchain will start to show. We hope to grow and progress together with all members in the community in this great experiment, and to talk about the future of the digital finance industry.

The year is coming to coming an end. In order to draw a successful conclusion to the past year, the Hashgard team has been around the clock recently to make our new generation of digital finance public chain better.

In the past two weeks, Hashgard team has made some efforts in project development and operation. The new Hashgard bi-weekly report is here for you.

- 01 -


Hashgard Digital Finance Public Chain Testnet Fully Upgraded

On December 28, 2018, Hashgard Digital Finance Public Chain Testnet was officially launched. After more than 20 days of developer experience and feedback, we performed a full upgrade to the first version of the testnet:


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On January 11, 2019; the WBF World Blockchain Conference- Technology Conference :Asia Awards Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. As a new generation of digital finance public chain project, Hashgard has made great progress in 2018 and was named “2018 Blockchain Innovation Project” by WBF, which is regarded as an authoritative event in the blockchain industry.


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Hashgard Token GARD Strategic Partner and Strategic Institutional Investment Part Unlock

According to Hashgard White Paper, Hashgard will unlock the remaining 50%, a total of 15 billion GARDs of strategic partners and strategic investment institutions on January 14, 2019. After unlocking, GARD circulation on the market is 36.5 billion and the circulation rate is 36.5%.


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Recently, Hashgard announced on Twitter that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Coinness, a well-known overseas blockchain media. CoinNess is an overseas version of the “BiShiJie” and is committed to providing timely, comprehensive, professional and reliable Blockchain news and updates.

- 02 -


On January 12, 2019; the first live broadcast of the Russian community in Hashgard was a complete success. The Russian community was enthusiastic about the Hashgard and answers and suggestions accumulated from them are around 40 on the live broadcast.

In December 2018, we held the “100-character love letter activity” and “test online content activity”, and we received several hundred of love letters and nearly one hundred articles from the community. The activity rewards have been given out completely recently.

- 03 -

Hashgard R&D Development

1. Started the testnet sif-2000

2. hashgard released its v0.2.1 version, upgrade depends on cosmos-sdk to v0.29.1

3. Change the name of the testnet main token to gard

4. Browser supports query and detailed display of multiple types of transactions

1.Hashgard quantitative backtesting function on the two currency trading strategy, currently supports the pdf version of the back test report

2. The upgrade of enterprise employee equity platform contract is completed and officially put into use. The employee equity platform is a landing application of the security token, and the enterprise user will realize the employee incentive ability such as full shareholding and dynamic allocation through the security token. At the same time, the equity platform is also a successful attempt to apply the blockchain technology in the financial field. The business design of the Hashgard public chain will refer to some of the core needs of the service, and provide support for the underlying functions for public chain that current mainstream public chain such as Ethereum cannot be provided as such ,in terms of the financial sector.

3. The system supports USDT deposit to meet more business scenarios, eg: One-click to post media release is priced with USDT

1. Tokens cannot be received after the modification of the public chain

2. Error shown after the modification of the total number of employees’ equity on the equity platform

3. Modify USDT deposit not arriving issue as to support one-click press release

4. The problem that the user cannot check their wallet balance after the public chain was modified.

Optimize the refresh rate between the equity platform and the wallet

Quantitative backtesting function is continuously developing in the webpage: webpage backtesting report is under development.

- 04 -

Our Social Platforms

Official website:https://hashgard.io


Chinese Telegram:https://t.me/hashgard

English Telegram: https://t.me/hashgardeng

Vietnamness Telegram: https://t.me/hashgardvietnam

Russian Telegram: https://t.me/hashgardrussian

Medium: https://medium.com/@hashgard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hashgard1

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hashgard

Token Circle: http://i.bishijie.com/home/GARD

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Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain led by Fenbushi Capital and BKFUND and invested by 80 well-known investment institutions. The public chain will create an open, high-expansion ecosystem, solve the pain points in the digital finance field through technological innovation and ecological construction, protect the assets and rights of investors, and promote the healthy development of the digital finance industry.

The Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform is the first distributed commercial application on the public chain to provide enterprise-level services for a diverse blockchain ecosystem, including but not limited to digital asset management, securities tokens services, multi-party collaboration, and intelligence. One-stop solutions for contract deployment, community reward distribution, content & media promotion, and legal compliance.

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