Hashgard Bi-weekly Report (10.29–11.11)

It was double 11 over the weekend and the Hashgard team was busy developing and improving our new functions and forging new business with new partners.

In the past two weeks, the Hashgard development team has made rapid progress. New smart contract functions deployed online have been improved. We have also launched a brand new feature: content media promotion (one-click posting).

At the same time, Hashgard’s community activities engaged our fans in new ways, such as our Halloween activities and various Telegram campaigns. In the coming days, the Hashgard team will continue to maintain our momentum in growing the community and engaging with our current members.

01 — News

  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi was invited to attend the first Capital Market Summit Forum in Huangshan City. BKFUND was the only blockchain institution invited to attend.

On November 4th, the first Huangshan Capital Market Summit Forum opened with attendees including leading experts of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System, leaders of provincial and municipal governments and financial authorities, well-known domestic and foreign universities, listed companies, new economic enterprises, and China Merchants Capital Institutional investors such as CICC and Dachen Venture Capital.

BKFUND was the only blockchain institution invited to attend the conference. Xu Chaoyi, founder of Hashgard and of BKFUND, delivered a speech called “Technology Finance (Blockchain) Empowering the Real Economy”.

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  • Hashgard Token GARD Latest Circulation Information Disclosure

On November 7, the Hashgard Foundation announced that the Foundation transferred 2 billion GARDs from the cold wallet address for marketing and promotional activities on October 24, 2018. At present, GARD is listed on the well-known exchanges gate.io and Bgogo, with a market circulation rate of 20%.

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  • Hashgard completes the COSMOS SDK manual translation project

Since 2017, COSMOS has been a hot topic for blockchain developers, known as the “blockchain Internet” and “blockchain 3.0.” In order to allow more developers to better use COSMOS for blockchain development, Hashgard translated all COSMOS SDK manuals to Chinese and shared the translation of the COSMOS SDK manual with all developers who are interested in researching COSMOS.

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  • Hashgard Jointly Hosts the First Ever Fibos DAPP Competition

On October 29th, Hashgard jointly hosted the first ever Fibos DAPP Competition. Over 60 projects took part in the competition, and at least six projects are expected to go live in November. Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi and CTO Yang Yanqing attended the competition and served as judges.

  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi was invited to serve as a special consultant for CoinMex

On November 2, the board of directors of CoinMex invited Xu Chaoyi, the founder of Hashgard, to serve as a special consultant for CoinMex. Xu Chaoyi will help guide and coordinate CoinMex’s management, resource development, and business plan layout.

  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi discussed the future of STOs with Dr. Zorro at TokenClub

Security token offerings (STOs) are currently a red-hot trend in the blockchain industry. Hashgard quickly emerged as a frontrunner in the Chinese STO market, especially after releasing TAMT, China’s first STO standard. On the evening of October 31, Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi shared his STO expertise and forecasts with Dr. Zorro at TokenClub.

02 — community

  • Hashgard released the English version of the Hashgard STO Report

Hashgard released the English version of the Hashgard STO Report through our official Twitter account, which received over 700 retweets and nearly 900 likes.

  • As of the date of publication, Hashgard’s official English and Chinese Telegram group reached nearly 100,000 users.
  • Hashgard’s official Twitter account (@hashgard1) now has more than 6000 followers
  • Hashgard’s Reddit subreddit (r/Hashgard) has reached 6,800 followers

03 — Hashgard R&D Progress

  • Hashgard public chain progress
  1. Completed the certifier and sentinel node of v1.0.0 of IRIS network, participated in the network out of the block, initiated the proposal in the network and voted on the proposal. Completed the Fuxi-3001 Testnet task, the Stake module task (become a verification node, delegate), the gov module task (proposal, mortgage, vote), and built a sentinel node.
  2. Upgraded the IRISnet version to v0.6.0. Submitted the genesis file information and passed the review.
  3. Participated in part of the IRISnet open source project.
  4. COSMOS ecosystem construction, updated version to v0.26.0.
  5. Hashgard public chain v0.1.0 version of the account system, transfer function development has been completed
  • Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform progress

1. Hashgard International Edition One-Click Posting Function v1.0 is online: The purpose of one-click publishing is to facilitate the project side to do PR operations, which will enable the project side to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of sending documents. In the first version, a core feature was first implemented — one-click free messaging, and subsequent versions will increase the push service and graphics publishing capabilities while expanding more media.

2. A new smart contract management function has been launched for the Hashgard International Advanced Edition, delivering advanced contract operation functions such as additional issuance, destruction, lock-in, freeze, and transfer authorization. Enterprises that issue certificates now have more flexibility in managing and using the certificates, and use more standardized operating methods to empower enterprises as mentioned above.

3. Hashgard International Advanced Edition Smart Contract Management Tutorial going online. In order to enable enterprises to better use the “Advanced Edition Smart Contract Management Function,” Hashgard released a tutorial for the new function. Users who want to issue a pass on Hashgard can also use this tutorial to learn about the advanced features of contract management.

4. The P&L website www.stmenu.com, one of Hashgard’s STO services, is now online. Companies that need an STO can evaluate the legal aspects of their venture by getting legal advice from Bit Law before getting the certificate issued. This allows the company to address potential problems early on.

  • repairs conducted

1. Hashgard International Edition One-click deployment of smart contract function English version translation problem

2. Hashgard International Edition Order List is not sorted by time

  • optimization

1. Workbench navigation page added to Hashgard International Edition

2. Hashgard International One-Click Deployment Smart Contracts feature now supports the MetaMask wallet plugin, supports leger signatures, and is more secure.

  • processing

1. Content Distribution System v2.0 Updates : Hashgard’s one-click content distribution system v2.0 will provide users with more media choices and richer posting functions. At the same time, v2.0 will provide media with stronger operational capabilities and the ability to interact with messaging companies.

2. New General Wallet Functions : Advanced digital asset management capabilities will include a transfer function for the general wallet and general wallet restrictions, such authorization, execute, and other senior management functions. These advanced features will allow users’ digital assets to be applied to more real-world scenarios, making digital assets more versatile.

3. Quantitative Trading Function Docking Design : The long-awaited quantitative trading function is finally here, available on Hashgard’s web application and desktop application. The web version is fully built into the Hashgard system and provides some common quantitative strategy backtests. Advanced users can download the desktop version to take advantage of additional quantitative trading functions.

4. One-Button Pass-Through Smart Contract Deployment (“One-Click Deployment”) Free Edition Development : In order to allow more users to experience the convenience and power of one-click deployment, Hashgard will launch a basic version of the paid version, which will be free to use. The “one-click deployment” version.

5. Scry Wallet Docking: While a key function has been deployed and is more complete, Hashgard will continue to work on this function in order to provide better service. Scry Wallet is part of the Capacity Enhancement Program. In the future, Hashgard will add more wallets and more contract auditors for one-click deployment for users to choose and use.

  • Hashgard online content media promotion function

PR (media and public relations management) is an important part of the business model. In the current industry, the common mode of conducting PR operations remains the traditional communication between businesses and editors. This model is inefficient and costly. In response, Hashgard launched the “Content Media Promotion” service.

This service is a “one-click publishing of any newsletter,” Hashgard will provide the analytics by integrating blockchain channels.

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04 — Our public platform

Official website: https://hashgard.io

Weibo: @Hashgard

Chinese Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgard

English Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgardeng

Vietnamese Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgardvietnam

Russian Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgardrussian

Medium: https://medium.com/@hashgard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hashgard1

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hashgard

Currency circle: http://i.bishijie.com/home/GARD

Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain led by GF Network’s distributed capital and BKFUND. The Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform is the first distributed commercial application on the public chain to provide enterprise-level services for a diverse blockchain ecosystem, including but not limited to digital asset management, securities pass services, multi-party collaboration, and intelligence. Hashgard provides one-stop solutions for contract deployment, community incentive distribution, content media promotion, and legal compliance.

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