Hashgard Bi-weekly Report (10.29–11.11)

01 — News

  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi was invited to attend the first Capital Market Summit Forum in Huangshan City. BKFUND was the only blockchain institution invited to attend.
  • Hashgard Token GARD Latest Circulation Information Disclosure
  • Hashgard completes the COSMOS SDK manual translation project
  • Hashgard Jointly Hosts the First Ever Fibos DAPP Competition
  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi was invited to serve as a special consultant for CoinMex
  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi discussed the future of STOs with Dr. Zorro at TokenClub

02 — community

  • Hashgard released the English version of the Hashgard STO Report
  • As of the date of publication, Hashgard’s official English and Chinese Telegram group reached nearly 100,000 users.
  • Hashgard’s official Twitter account (@hashgard1) now has more than 6000 followers
  • Hashgard’s Reddit subreddit (r/Hashgard) has reached 6,800 followers

03 — Hashgard R&D Progress

  • Hashgard public chain progress
  1. Completed the certifier and sentinel node of v1.0.0 of IRIS network, participated in the network out of the block, initiated the proposal in the network and voted on the proposal. Completed the Fuxi-3001 Testnet task, the Stake module task (become a verification node, delegate), the gov module task (proposal, mortgage, vote), and built a sentinel node.
  2. Upgraded the IRISnet version to v0.6.0. Submitted the genesis file information and passed the review.
  3. Participated in part of the IRISnet open source project.
  4. COSMOS ecosystem construction, updated version to v0.26.0.
  5. Hashgard public chain v0.1.0 version of the account system, transfer function development has been completed
  • Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform progress
  • repairs conducted
  • optimization
  • processing
  • Hashgard online content media promotion function

04 — Our public platform



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