Hashgard Bi-weekly Report(July 8-July 21)

Hashgard has taken its sixth step in the international market. It is listed on a top five and the largest exchange in Southeast Asia INDODAX. We have launched a new application — -company-level option incentive token system.

Here is our new bi-weekly report.

01 Hashgard R&D Progress

Hashgard Public Blockchain

Hashgard Public Virtual Machine V0.0.1 is under Development

1. Design plan of virtual machine was determined.

2. Basic directory code of the first stage of virtual machine is under development

3. Design plan of smart contract parser was determined.

4. Python bytecode serialization of the first stage of smart contract parser is under development

5. Interactive management model of virtual machine and gas is under discussion.

20% | ■■□□□□□□□□ |

Hashgard Public Chain v0.7.0 is under Development

1. Hashgard public chain base layer supports deposit certificate business

2. Hashgard public chain base layer supports filling out memo forcibly when transferring

100% | ■■■■■■■■■■ |

Blockchain Browser Version v0.7.0 is under Development

1. Adaptation testnet sif-7000

2. Add query type certificate module

10% | ■□□□□□□□□□ |

Blockchain Wallet Version v0.7.0 is under Development

1. Add asset type: deposit box & payment box

2. Add issue deposit box and management page

3. Add issue payment box and management

4. Add deposit box market

5. Adaptation testnet sif-7000

30% | ■■■□□□□□□□ |

Progress of Hashgard Product and Document

1. Design of Hashgard v.2.0 official website style and framework prototype

2. Design of Hashgard public chain v.7.0 alternative name

3. Add Bahasa Version of the White Paper

60% | ■■■■■■□□□□ |

For more technical progress, please refer to Github:

02 Hashgard News

Hashgard is to be listed on a world’s top five and the largest exchange in Southeast Asia INDODAX

Hashgard is to be listed on a world’s top five and the largest exchange in Southeast Asia INDODAX, can be deposited on July 23 and traded on July 24, with the trading pair of GARD/IDR.

Disclosure Notice of Latest Token GARD Circulation

Based on Hashgard White Paper, Hashgard has released tokens of early incubators and IP contribution team on July 14, 2019, which amounts to 16.5 billion GARD. Following the release, the circulation of GARD token will be 69 billion and the circulation rate will be 69%.

Hashgard option incentive token system of the company-level is launched

Hashgard launched a new company-level service — company-level option incentive token system. At present, a top blockchain investment institution has purchased this service (the institution’s name will not be revealed by request). If your company has the need of awarding option incentive and encouraging your staff and is bothered by the complicated steps, our system is a good choice.

Charlie Xu, founder of Hashgard, was present at China Internet Conference and interviewed by Guangming Online

On July 10, Charlie Xu, founder of Hashgard, was present at 2019 China Internet Conference and offered his opinion on Hashgard concept and open finance in an interview with the reporter from Guangming Online.

03 Hashgard Community

Hashgard is popular in Russia

There are over 1300 Russian GARD holders in Hashgard community on Telegram and the number is increasing.

Global Technology Community Ambassador is wanted at Hashgard

Back in 2018 when Hashgard was just established, we initiated an activity called “public beta with 100 users”. At the end of December, 2018, we built Hashgard technology communities and as technology advances, we came to realize how important a great head of technology community is. Therefore, we are looking for a part-time manager of technology community. Salary can be negotiable.

As of the date of publication, the Hashgard official telegram groups have nearly 50,000 English and Chinese speaking members.

Hashgard official Twitter (@hashgard_off) has posted 251 tweets, with nearly 6,300 followers.

Followers on Reddit have exceeded 6800.

04 Hashgard Community

Our public platform

Official website: https://hashgard.io

Weibo: @临界Hashgard

Toutiao: @临界Hashgard

Chinese Telegram group: https://t.me/hashgard

English Telegram group: https://t.me/hashgardeng

Russian Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgardrussian

Korean Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgardkorean

Vietnamese Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgardvn

Indonesia Telegram Group: https://t.me/hashgard_indonesia

Medium: https://medium.com/@hashgard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hashgard_off

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hashgard

Bihu: https://bihu.com/people/170607

Biquan: http://i.bishijie.com/home/GARD

8BTC: https://www.chainnode.com/forum/281-3

Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain led by Fenbushi Capital and BKFUND and invested by 80 well-known investment institutions. The public chain will create an open, high-expansion ecosystem, solve the pain points in the digital finance field through technological innovation and ecological construction, protect the assets and rights of investors, and promote the healthy development of the digital finance industry.

The Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform is the first distributed commercial application on the public chain to provide enterprise-level services for a diverse blockchain ecosystem, including but not limited to digital asset management, securities tokens services, multi-party collaboration, and intelligence. One-stop solutions for contract deployment, community reward distribution, content & media promotion, and legal compliance.



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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!