Hashgard Bi-weekly Report (Mar. 4-Mar. 17)

Since the establishment on March 22, 2018, Hashgard has been going through nearly a year. During this year, Hashgard community has given us a lot of support and encouragement, and the team is constantly accelerating its progress. In 2019, we will launch the main network!


GARD officially launched on the Dcoin Exchange

Hashgard Passed GARD, officially launched on March 13th at the Dcoin Exchange, open trading pair: GARD/ETH. Dcoin Digital Assets and Derivatives Trading Platform is the world’s first financial-grade digital asset and derivatives trading platform, providing currency trading services for a range of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Critical co-hosted QuantKing Global Asset Management Competition kicks off

On March 4th, Hashgard teamed up with BBQ, JLab, 3C Coffee College and UBank to jointly launch the first QuantKing Global Asset Management Competition.

Critical (Hashgard) online coin wallet

On March 5th, Hashgard officially launched the online wallet, which is a safe and easy-to-use digital asset management wallet. It is easy to transfer hundreds of currencies across the chain.

Critical (Hashgard) inbound chain node ChainNode

On March 7, the Hashgard ecology re-expanded and officially entered the chain node. The ChainNode chain node (formerly Babit Forum) was established in 2011 and is the earliest and most influential blockchain enthusiast community in China. At the link node, a critical section has been opened for the critical community to participate in the discussion, and we will also update our first-hand information in the critical section.

Critical section link:


Critical on-line Docker deploys Hashgard test network nodes

Hashgard A new generation of digital financial public chain test network has released the sif-3000 version. In the previous versions, we have provided two installation methods: “source compilation and installation” and “download executable” to guide the small partners to build a full node. Based on community suggestions, this time, we added Docker package installation. the way.

BKFUND Wins Best Investment Agency Award from NEXT Blockchain Application and Technology Impact Summit

On March 9th, the NEXT Block Technology and Application Impact Summit was held in Beijing. The founder of Hashgard and founding partner of BKFUND Charlie Xu was invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, BKFUND won the Best Investment Agency Award from the NEXT Blockchain Application and Technology Impact Summit.

Critical college starts, technical gods explain the Cosmos

The Critical Academy is a new section launched by the Critical Community. The blockchain of the community and the technology giant share the story of the blockchain and the views of the future blockchain. In this issue, Wang Jianjiang, a critical technology god, explains how cosmos is in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Critical (Hashgard) public chain progress

1. Web version 0.2 wallet prototype design completed

2. Web version 0.2 front-end framework evaluation completed

3. Public chain browser gardplorer display style adaptation for mobile device screens

4. Public chain browser gardplorer block details page to add out the certifier node information

5. Public chain browser gardplorer certifier node details page to increase the certifier’s commission-rate information

6. Design docker containerized deployment environment to eliminate environmental differences and reduce deployment difficulty



7. In the development of hashgard v0.4.0, it is planned to add new features: currency unit, currency function, etc.

8. English version of hashgard operation manual translation

9. As a Creator certifier to participate in the launch of the irishub main network

10. The initial design of the main network economic model is completed.

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Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain led by Fenbushi Capital and BKFUND and invested by 80 well-known investment institutions. The public chain will create an open, high-expansion ecosystem, solve the pain points in the digital finance field through technological innovation and ecological construction, protect the assets and rights of investors, and promote the healthy development of the digital finance industry.

The Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform is the first distributed commercial application on the public chain to provide enterprise-level services for a diverse blockchain ecosystem, including but not limited to digital asset management, securities tokens services, multi-party collaboration, and intelligence. One-stop solutions for contract deployment, community reward distribution, content & media promotion, and legal compliance.

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!