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In 2019, there will be many killer applications in the blockchain field, which will be the basis for the future bull market. And the only one thing we need to do is to wait.

Hashgard community: the 17th group in the northwestern

In the bear market, it seems it is the cold winter for crypto cryptocurrency in the blockchain field but meanwhile it is also just the beginning of the spring for the blockchain industry. Because once the speculative bubble is squeezed out, the industry will usher in a healthy development and move towards the real landing of applications; and thus empowering the real economy.

For 2019, you can boldly predict the development of blockchain:

1. The positive signal of the blockchain tends to strengthen, and each area competes to be the blockchain wind vane

In recent months, the PBOC(People’s Bank Of China) began to recruit relevant positions related to legal digital currency. The National Internet Information Office issued the “Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services (Draft for Comment)”, and relevant departments at all levels actively established blockchain technology associations, research associations, application associations, etc., these are all positive blockchain signals.

We can boldly predict that in 2019, everyone will be only talking about “blockchain” and “blockchain+”. For the country, in the face of a revolutionary technology that is about to develop rapidly, it is imperative to formulate sound industry norms so as to escort related companies and enterprises.

In addition to formulating some policies and industry standards, there may appear a phenomenon: local blockchain summit forums, blockchain financial forums, blockchain seminars, etc., because this is an attitude! This is one of the most effective and fastest ways to keep up with blockchain wind vanes.

2. Internet companies are rapidly deploying, and talent demand is doubled

Many people define 2017 as the first year of the cryptocurrency circle and 2018 as the first year of the blockchain. According to this statement, any field will go battling from the blue ocean to the Red Sea. The so-called competition method is summed up in two ways: independent innovation and creation catering to the market.

The year of 2018, I believe everyone thinks it as a relatively slump year of economy. Internet companies are shrinking, laying off staffs, and the film and television companies collapse. The market is getting lower and lower. The development of the blockchain is like a last straw. At this point,many domestic enterprises do not want to miss this opportunity and they all wanna share a piece of it. But for Internet companies and traditional enterprises, Internet companies have a stronger advantage.

Internet companies have inherent advantages, light assets, heavy users, high profitability, rapid response, and iterative. Experiences tell us that the pioneers of the blockchain in 2019 will be composed of Internet companies.

However, after all, the blockchain industry is different from other fields. At this point, the core of competition among enterprises is not just limited to business field but also the battle for talents. Blockchain is technology-based. For large enterprises, technology research and technology innovation of blockchain is the direction, but for small and medium-sized enterprises that cater to market creation, operation is the key.

3. Financing mergers and acquisitions increase, unicorn companies are becoming more and more obvious

The financing merger mentioned here is not between the blockchain enterprises and enterprises of other kinds, but the Internet companies or traditional enterprises that are involved in the blockchain field merge the matured or to be matured enterprises. The blockchain industry is a new field for many domestic enterprises, lacking professional talents, lacking mature deployment experience, but also an area not to miss.

Hashgard Community: Central China 35 Group Tongmeng

From the issuance of digital currency to the encryption winter, almost every stage refreshes our perception of the blockchain.

The IC0 issuance, KOL endorsement, self-promotion of the media, the bubble explosion, the blockchain went through from the radiant period to the bleak.

In 2019, let us say goodbye to the behavior of being undermined. What is the fight then? The fight is the battle of calculation power, to demonstrate the lower morals, some people who are deliberately speculative diverged the digital currency scene of the blockchain, and it has become a market of scams.

“The mills of God grind slowly” seems to have worked. I wanted to make a profit, I didn’t expect to encounter a bear market. The dealer was suspected of manipulating the digital currency and fraudulent, the interests of the alliance broke down, and then the team fell apart.

From Cryptocurrency to Blockchain+

The blockchain has gone through three phases:

1) Blockchain 1.0 era (the decentralization of digital currency, the era of cryptocurrency represented by bitcoin);

2) Blockchain 2.0 era (smart contract, smart contract combined with digital assets, provides a wider range of application scenarios for the financial sector);

3) Blockchain 3.0 era (application scenarios of blockchain in various industries outside the financial industry, to meet more complex business logic).

The decline of the digital currency marks the end of the blockchain 2.0 era, and also indicates the arrival of the blockchain 3.0 era. This indicates in the future of blockchain applications, the ICOs will definitely be long gone; and the integration of blockchain technology with the real economy will be the direction of development for blockchain.

From Concept to Landing Practice

Since the development of blockchain technology, it has gradually undergone a development from a simple concept to the landing practice, especially in the financial sectors it has made a great progress and improvement. In the beginning of 2019, there will be many killer applications in the blockchain related area. They carry the responsibility of cleaning up the “cutting leeks”conducts, practicing ten times value of the Internet prediction and laying the foundation for the future bull market.

And the only one thing we can do is to wait.

Hashgard Community: China 9th Group Xiaoma

The wave of wealth in the blockchain is vital to each of us.

With the bull market in 2017, many people made a fortune and felt the technical charm of the blockchain and the tremendous changes it brought to this era. Although it is still in the process of growing, it is on the right path, along with 2018, the every ten-year financial crisis has also made the entire cryptocurrency world from heaven to hell.

The Internet era is ultimately the playing of big data. So current blockchain projects also need their own data, and community building plays a vital role in the development of a project. As a volunteer, the first thing is to build a community and then invite friends, serve the community and pass on good news to investors! At present, it is also obvious to see that the paying era has gradually evolved into an era of all free. Therefore, there will be a lot of airdrops for everyone, as well as creating opportunities to closely communicate with founders of better projects and KOLs from the crypto circle, as well as learn from them.

The bumpy 2018 has gone, and 2019 ushered in anew.To go through a big bear market, it also verifies whether a project is really doing the thing and progressing! Then, being able to concentrate on the project and being practical, will definitely have a wonderful performance when the next bull market comes! I look forward to the shine of the projects that i serve and surgence in the next bull market.

Hashgard Community: Shanghai 33rd Group

The big bear market in 2018 not only has a great impact on the price of the cryptocurrency, but also has a great impact on the development of blockchain technology. With the heat wave of blockchain in 2017, many teams have entered the blockchain field and started up a lot of new projects. Although many of them are air projects, there are still many technological innovation projects. For example, EOS’s main net launch. Although EOS has some controversy, EOS team has solved the problem of low performance and high handling fee of Bitcoin and Ethereum to some extent under the continuous technical improvements and updates; and it has promoted the large-scale commercial application of blockchain technology.

At the same time, the application of the blockchain industry continues to deepen, the traditional industry giants accelerate their layout, and small-scaled landing scenarios begin to appear; such as:

Banking Area. In September 2018, more than 75 large banks worldwide joined the blockchain interbank information network, which has been testing blockchain technology in the payments sector. In October 2018, ING Bank released a Zero Knowledge Set Membership (ZKSM) solution that leverages distributed accounting technology to enhance privacy.

Stock Area. The Australian Stock Exchange is developing a distributed accounting system that can save $23 billion by replacing the original settlement system with distributed ledgers. The system is expected to go online in early 2021.

Trade Area. Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping company, has partnered with IBM to develop the TradeLens platform, which enables the application of blockchains to global supply chains for safer and more efficient global trade.

Retail Area. Walmart is already using the blockchain to track all the vegetables in its more than 6,300 stores. As of January 31, 2019, all suppliers will be formally required to use the blockchain to track supply.

Insurance Area. In August 2018, MetLife launched the world’s first auto-insurance product for gestational diabetes, using mobile devices to securely connect customers’ electronic medical records without the need for claims.

Moreover, the digital asset management in the blockchain has evolved from the chaotic situation of the ICO era to the token era of supervision and asset guarantees; which eliminates the conduct of non legitimate ICO fundraising just with a project whitepaper; and thus secured the assets of investors.

“The fragrance of plum blossoms sharpens in the bitter cold”! The cold winter in the market is like a steel-making furnace. It constantly tempers various blockchain projects, and eliminates inferior and unqualified projects. It can be persisted, and the projects that continue to move forward are high-quality projects. and thus can get recognition from the market and shine in the future bull market!

Hashgard community: 21 groups in the northeast

For ordinary people, the bear market allows us to finally understand in tears that the craziness in the bull market is nothing but a camouflage.

Now calming down and looking back, we can finally have the peace of mind. We finally shifted our attention away from the price of the cryptocurrency and began to carefully have a thorough review on blockchain. So we can see that the bear market is really a mirror; it allows the scammers to be exposed and invisible; therefore scam projects halt their projects or runaway,with internal disputes or being sued.

And the projects that really work hard are finally beginning to emerge to the surface, and being justified; and the resentment accumulated in bear market is more clearly seen by people.And obviously people would like to tell about it. as it goes time tells it all.

Therefore, the Big Bear Market in 2018 is of great benefit to both the individual projects and the development of the entire blockchain industry.

Finally, we come down to the main point. Not self-praising, Hashgard is still push forward in an orderly manner even when the crypto market went down dramatically in 2018. The digital finance area has a great potential and if interested, check it out for more information then.

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