Hashgard enters into strategic cooperation with FINWEX, the world’s top financial technology think tank

The blockchain is one of the greatest social experiments in human history. Hashgard is exploring this industry from sea to space. In order to make our decisions sensibly and efficiently using blockchain, high-quality consulting companies and think tanks are essential in order to promote social development.

Hashgard is happy to announce that we have officially entered into a strategic partnership with FINWEX, one of the leading advisory and global think tank leaders in the global financial technology and blockchain space.

(Left: FINWEX founding people RiconiYou, right: the critical co-founder Huang Qiao Meng )

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FINWEX is committed to becoming one of the world’s leading financial technology and blockchain think tank leaders, covering the world’s top financial technology series summit, FINWEX SUMMIT, blockchain think tank FINWEX INSTITUTE, which includes ratings, indices, consulting, training business and FINWEX LABS incubator business, etc.

The FINWEX team consists of experienced financial market experts and leading blockchain industry teams. Core members come from leading blockchain, consulting, finance and internet companies.

FINWEX LABS one-stop incubator service and eco-integration platform, together with China’s largest space creation WE+, as well as Hong Kong GOLDFORD, Japan QE and other partners, has established a blockchain incubator with more than 60 outlets in the Asia Pacific region.

FINWEX SUMMIT is one of the most influential financial technology summits in Asia. The FINWEX series summit has been held between 2000–5000 people and has been successfully held in Shanghai, Macau, Tokyo and Hong Kong for four sessions.

FINWEX think tank is a platform established by experts and scholars in the field of authoritative financial technology based on the FINWEX platform. It has passed the joint authoritative media (CBC, etc.) for government agencies (Shanghai Talent Center New Economic Organization Party Committee) and listed companies (Ping An Bank) , UPS, etc., universities (Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, etc.) provide blockchain training, popularizing new technology knowledge, and optimizing the market environment.

FINWEX INDEX is the world’s first blockchain composite index system. By establishing a more authoritative market index system, real-time release of multi-dimensional index data will effectively reflect the overall dynamic changes of the market.

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About cooperation

Hashgard will work intensively with FINWEX in four major areas.

  • FINWEX series summit

In the field of activities, FINWEX’s series of summits is one of the highest quality, most engaged and widest audiences in the blockchain industry. Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi also attended the FINWEX summit as an invited guest. And delivered a speech: “ Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi was invited to participate in the FINWISE Summit, about industrial restructuring and digital finance . “

In the future, Hashgard will continue to participate in the FINWEX summit and gather with other blockchain companies to discuss the future of the industry.

  • FINWEX think tank

Hashgard Labs is a blockchain research institute under the umbrella of Hashgard. It has repeatedly published blockchain and STO analysis to reveal blockchain technology for blockchain enthusiasts.

The FINWEX think tank brings together experts and scholars in the field of authoritative financial technology at home and abroad, and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the blockchain industry. Hashgard Labs will conduct multi-level and multi-disciplinary discussions with the FINWEX think tank, on the technology and development of the blockchain industry. Conduct research on multiple issues such as trends and explore the development of blockchain.

  • FINWEX index

Hashgard is the pioneer of domestic STO, and has launched the world’s first STO 4D report , and also released the Chinese team’s first STO standard, TAMT.

FINWEX INDEX is the world’s first blockchain comprehensive index system. By establishing a more authoritative market index system, it publishes multi-dimensional index data in real time, which effectively reflects the overall dynamic changes of the market. Take the FCI Ruirui Composite Index as an example. The index contains more than 1,000 certificates issued by the Global Clearing Exchange. The figures come from more than 200 exchanges and 2,000 trading pairs, which are weighted by the market value of circulation, reflecting the global token and bitcoin price changes.

Hashgard will work with the FINWEX Index to publish a more professional and authoritative blockchain industry report, setting the way for the development of the blockchain industry.

  • FINWEX fund

FINWEX has a professional and efficient fund team, focused primarily in the field of financial technology and blockchain, aiming to empower quality projects to promote growth.

BKFUND and GDF Digital Financial Eco-Fund have a common investment philosophy with FINWEX Fund. The two parties will cooperate in the investment field to jointly quality blockchain projects.

The founders of FINWEX and Hashgard expressed their high expectations for this cooperation.

FINWEX founding people Riconi You said: “Hashgard is the pioneer in digital financial industry and in the field of STO, They have a strong digital financial understanding, strong financial and technical strength. They also excel in science, technology and financial industry blockchain projects, we hope to achieve a win-win situation between FINWEX and Hashgard through cooperation.”

Hashgard founding partner Xuchao Yi expressed: “FINWEX is one of the top think tank of the global financial and block the field of science and technology chain, whether operation of the market, or the strength of the team, are worthy of trust will be Hashgard with FINWEX in many fields. We will work together to empower the digital finance sector and promote the advancement and development of society as a whole. “

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Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain led by GF Network’s distributed capital and BKFUND. The Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform is the first distributed commercial application on the public chain to provide enterprise-level services for a diverse blockchain ecosystem, including but not limited to digital asset management, securities pass services, multi-party collaboration, and intelligence. One-stop solutions for contract deployment, community incentive distribution, content media promotion, and legal compliance.

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!

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