[HASHGARD x IRISNET] Hashgard establishes Strategic Partnership with Irisnet (In depth analysis)

Recently, Hashgard, a public blockchain, which aims to provide a one-stop asset management protocol to all cryptocurrency investors, has established strategic partnership with Iris Network, another blockchain technology that incorporates inter-chain service infrastructure into Cosmos. Both teams will be jointly working in-depth to establish a cross-chain ecosystem of asset management.

The year of 2017 brought Blockchain into the spotlight as the Internet 2.0; among its rise in popularity, cryptocurrency became the symbol that embodies its fast rise, versatility, and security. However, Blockchain technology at this stage is rather rudimentary, with cryptocurrency being the first to prove utility. According to certain statistics, the number of mainstream cryptocurrency addresses (such as BTC and ETH) have exceeded 60 million and counting.

In the future, the management of vast volumes of digital asset will be an essential limiting factor in further growth of cryptocurrency. Under the support and incubation of industry-leading institutions, Hashgard was created for future cryptocurrency chainbase implementation, receiving unprecedented support from investors and the public.It is provides a one-stop blockchain solution with crypto-financial asset management system to both individual and institutional investors. ­

Iris Network is a key project incubated under the Wanxiang Chainbase Accelerator that strives to incorporate the basic services of various protocols into cross-chain ecosystems. It is also the strategic partner of Cosmos and Wancloud. Irisnet founder Harriet Cao states, “the asset management aspect in which Hashgard is targeting has enormous market potential in its utility. In addition, the team behind Hashgard already has strong background in fund management, being the founder and director of BKFUND. Meanwhile, the problem of managing a variety of token that Hashgard is tackling presents interesting technical challenges and requirements to the development of our cross-chain ecosystem.” Irisnet Co-Founder and CTO Haifeng Xi will also become strategic advisor of Haifeng Xi.

Hashgard founder Charlie Xu states, “Irisnet acts as the perfect partner in implementing digital asset management with their inter-blockchain smart contract. In the implementation of Hashgard system, cross-chain technology can help token fund managers and investor accomplish their mutual objectives with versatility and utility. For example, fund managers can use Ethereum to set up a token fund, and then use Irisnet crosschain function to lock up the original ETH tokens, meanwhile creating a new fund on Hashgard that corresponds to the original investment. The funds established on Hashgard can be custom coded and be limited to contract terms. For example, the investment into the fund can only be transferred to whitelisted ICO addresses that have passed the KYC. This ensures that the funds are not misused by the token managers. Alternatively, the smart contract allows for autonomously collection of management fees, allowing transparency.

Meanwhile, Irisnet supports connecting many decentralized commercial utility chains, allowing for many use cases among the crypto-assets. Hashgard will provide the token holders with advanced tools that help them manage and establish their funds on the public Blockchain. Hashgard will continue to develop more partnerships with prominent chains, allowing for smart management of a variety of cryptocurrency and easy transactions amongst them. This vision will eventually actualize a truly diversified and decentralized financial investment ecosystem.

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