Hashgard Mainnet is about to be released. The Node Plan is to be launched.

After 6 month’s technology precipitation, our mainnet is arriving. The launch of the mainnet enables mature technology development, ecology improvement, which leads to the gradual development of DeFi products and the final landing of the [decentralized finance] concept.

And of course the monetization of GARD.

The value of token depends on the ecology, the product and the nodes.
With the upcoming mainnet, the node program will also be officially released.

11 supernodes, 0 cost, high block generation rewards.

Node program for the new DeFi public chain is about to be launched very soon!

01 How to become the operator of the Hashgard nodes?

If you know well about the EOS nodes and the Cosmos nodes, you must know that you can become the operator of the nodes by setting up a server and staked Token,which brings also block generation rewards and the right to making a proposal and so on.

The community supervises the entire public chain through nodes, and all participants can apply for nodes. If you don’t have enough staked Tokens, or the nodes are all occupied, you can also stake tokens to the nodes, which will reward you accordingly. You will get different rewards from different nodes because of different commission rate, which are determined by the person in charge of the node.

As we all know, what’s most important for the nodes?

Firstly the server, secondly the staked Token

What can we acquire by setting up nodes?

Block generation Token rewards

For example, the “BTC halving” that we talked about a while ago, this halving actually means that the block generation of Bitcoin reward is halved.

So how will the Hashgard mainnet nodes operate?

According to the plan, as the mainnet goes online, we will launch 11 supernodes, 6 of which will serve as community nodes.

Every supernode will be built up by Hashgard!

What does this mean?

As long as you have enough staked GARD, you can apply to become a node operator of Hashgard nodes, even you don’t understand the technology, and also the annual server cost up to 💲7000 to 💲8000 can be borne by Hashgard. If you can build a node and set up your own server, it will be the best. If not, it does not matter.

We will pay for the server and the nodes rewards belong to you.

Hashgard has a large global community, thus many people want to become the owner of the Hashgard mainnet node. Therefore, we set the minimum amount of the staked GARD.

Currently, the minimum amount of staked GARD is up to 200 million if you want to become the node operator.

If you don’t have enough staked GARD, you can also find partners to build up the node together. As for the distribution of the block generation rewards among the partners, it’s all your decision to make.

02 Hashgard nodes rewards

Why operating the Hashgard node? What are the benefits?

In addition to the governance of the community, the right to make a proposal and vote for public chain issues, you can also acquire the block generation rewards. For the first year,the block generation rewards will be subsidized by the Hashgard Foundation, which will amount to 10,000,000,000 GARD.

So how to distribute the 10,000,000,000 GARD?

Our mainnet will generate a block every 3 seconds, thus 28,800 blocks per day, 10,512,000 blocks a year. So each block can generate 951.29 GARD on average. In other words, if your node successfully packages 1 million blocks during one year, you will obtain 950 million GARD!

Of course, in order to encourage early miners, the block generation rewards will not be provided on an average basis.There will still be a halving mechanism. More details will be specified in the future articless related to the Economy Model.

To make it simple-

As an operator of the Hashgard public chain node, you will not be charged any fees, no server fees, no database fees for the first year. Everything will be subsidized by the Hashgard Foundation.

03 Future plans for Hashgard nodes?

What will be the future of the Hashgard nodes?

First of all, the number of nodes will remain 11 currently, of which 5 will be Foundation nodes and 6 will be community nodes. The Foundation will provide community nodes with 1 year of server operation. From the second year, nodes owners will be required to build up their servers on their own.

Secondly, when we run out of the subsidies, the service fees charged by Hashgard mainnet will be used to cover block generation rewards. And the public chain will only charge a very small portion of the service fees to maintain the public chain server’s operation.

Certainly, the generation of mainnet fees will lead to the additional issuance of GARD on the DeFi public chains, similar to POS public chains,such as Cosmos, EOS and so on.

However, since the node rewards are completely subsidized by the Foundation for the first year, there will be no additional issuance of GARD during the mainnet launch.

As for the Economy Model issues, more details will be specified in the future articles.

Therefore, in order to guarantee the rewards of the nodes and improve the governance of the public chain mainnet, we will spend more time cultivating our DeFi ecosystem and our Dapp to attract more developers.

Hashgard is a new generation of decentralized finance public chain, so called DeFi public chain. We believe that DeFi will show its unique charm on the Hashgard public chain.

04 Apply for the Hashgard nodes

The application channel for the node will be opened once the Hashgard mainnet is officially launched.

Meanwhile, we will submit a node proposal and burn previous ERC-20 GARD and replace them with mainnet GARD.

The application channel of the nodes and the Economy Model of GARD will be announced in the Hashgard Telegram group!

Welcome to join our Telegram group!
English: https://t.me/hashgardeng



Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!