The node operator election is coming soon.

This article explains how to check each node balance!

As announced before, Hashgard Foundation will select out the first operators of 6 community nodes (who has staked the largest number of GARD to the node) at 14:00 (UTC+8) on August 11, 2020.

As an important part of Hashgard community, we expect the node operator contribute to the construction of Hashgard community and attract more people to join us. Every operator represents Hashgard. Therefore, Foundation retains the right to appoint or dismiss the operator in case that he brings harm to the community.

Many community members report that they could not see the node ranking(amount of staked GARD). Here comes the guide to check the node balance.

Step 1:

Open Hashgard Explorer

Click on [Validators] in the upper right

Step 2:

[VALIDATORS] page will display the current staked amount of each node. Select one node.

Step 3:

In this page, [DELEGATIONS] column displays the list of “Stakers” and the number of staked GARD from most to least.

The first one in this column is the person who staked the most GARD to this node. At 14:00 on 11th August, 2020 (UTC+8), he will automatically become the node operator.


In【UNBONDING DELEGATIONS】column, we can overview the locked-up redelegations.

The node operator is capable of higher profit.

Community node operators have the right to receive commissions, official subsidies, and node naming right. In addition, the rewards generated by staked GARD from Hashgard Foundation also belong to the node operator.

We hope that all node operators join us in promoting Hashgard global ecosystem together.

Mark the node with your GARD and participate in the campaign now!

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