Hashgard Project Biweekly Report (11.12–11.25)

  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi was invited to attend the Tsinghua University Blockchain Salon
  • Hashgard enters into a strategic cooperation with FINWEX, the world’s top financial technology think tank

Hashgard officially entered into a strategic partnership with FINWEX, one of the leading financial advisory and think tank leaders in global financial technology and blockchain. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in the four major sections of the summit, think tank, index report and fund.

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  • Hashgard join hands with the PDT to jointly launch the STO practical training course

Hashgard has jointly focused on the legal service provider’s BitLaw in the field of science and technology, and invited the well-known blockchain media in China as a strategic support to jointly launch the STO practical training course.

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  • Hashgard Labs produces new report on STO

The Hashgard Labs is a Hashgard blockchain research institute. This time, Hashgard Labs and GDF Research Institute jointly produced the latest report, “How does STO replace the old blockchain financing model”, specifically describing STO’s Logic and mode of operation.

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  • Hashgard online free version of one-click deployment of smart contract function

A month ago, Hashgard launched a one-click deployment of smart contracts, which can help you generate your own smart contracts and issue your own tokens. This time, the Hashgard one-click deployment of smart contract function is perfected, and the free version is available online. The free version is only a deployment contract, does not include the security audit and the online wallet two major functions

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  • Hashgard STO report on Bitcoin.com
  • Hashgard co-founder Huang Yimeng serves as a bull market finance and shares a Hashgard STO strategy
  • Hashgard releases “Guess the name, send GARD” activity
  • The Hashgard overseas community celebrates Thanksgiving.
  • As of the date of publication, the Hashgard official telegram group has nearly 100,000 users in English and Chinese.
  • Hashgard official Twitter (@hashgard1) has more than 6,500 followers
  • Reddit has more than 6,800 followers
  • Hashgard public chain progress
  • Hashgard technology empowerment platform progress
  • Add
  • repair
  • optimization
  • processing
  • Hashgard online smart contract management function



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