ICORating gives Hashgard a STABLE+ Rating

  • First version of the Hashgard Asset Management Platform has been developed and tested;
  • Ambitious and great idea;
  • Very strong advisors and partners with strong blockchain experience;
  • Strong relationships with well-known investors;
  • Good hype.
  • Strategic investors and partners: Among the 30%, 50% of the tokens will be delivered to the purchaser upon listing, the other 50% will be locked for 6 months;
  • Founding team members: 6 months after mainnet launch over 24 months;
  • Intellectual property contribution team: a year after the listing;
  • Early contributors: a year after the listing;
  • Foundation and scientific research & advisors: no information regarding vesting terms.
  • Asset management SaaS
  • Digital asset fund exchange
  • Fund evaluation, audits;
  • Asset management DAO
  • Decentralized fund
  • Decentralized fund company
  • Decentralized custodian
  • Decentralized arbitration institutions
  • Purpose of deposit: within the Hashgard system, in such scenarios as the issuing of fund equity assets, creating a DAO and a DAC etc., users are required to freeze tokens generated by the system as a deposit. When users violate the agreement, the corresponding deposit will be deducted by the smart contract as a penalty.
  • Purpose of burning GAS: the Hashgard token will be used as GAS (as a token) for trading fuel, partially distributed to consensus nodes, and partially allocated to contract creators to motivate the community.
  • Ecological building purpose: the Hashgard Foundation will distribute token rewards to DAPP developers based on criteria such as fund management practices, smart contract creation and usage, to encourage more users to participate in the digital finance ecosystem.
  • Absence of market / competitor analysis in Whitepaper;
  • Unclear token and project economics.



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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!