Important Notice: Math Wallet Supports Mainnet GARD!

Math Wallet, partner of Hashgard, has completed recently the technical integration to Hashgard mainnet. Currently, Math Wallet supports mainnet GARD&GGT deposit and withdrawal.

At present, the deposit and transfer of GARD&GGT can be carried out through Math Wallet browser extension. These functions will also be accessible on Math Wallet APP as soon as possible.

Most importantly, all tokens issued on Hashgard public chain will be supported by Math Wallet.

Click to download Math Wallet APP:

Math Wallet is a powerful universal crypto wallet which supports multi-chain tokens and dApps on both mobile / browser extension / web / hardware wallet. Math Wallet enables storage of all BTC, ETH, EOS, Polkadot, Filecoin, Cosmos and BinanceChain tokens(over 50 types),etc.

Math Wallet is capable of supporting decentralized cross-chain transactions, building a multi-chain DApp ecosystem and participating in the node ecosystem of various POS public chains. Investors in Math Wallet include famous blockchain investment institutions such as Fenbushi Capital and FundamentalLabs.

More cooperative wallets will support the deposit and withdrawal of mainnet GARD in the near future. Please follow us on Twitter and keep updated.

Click the link below to see the tutorial for manual GARD SWAP:



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