Merry Christmas! Hashgard biweekly report (12.10–12.23)

After the plunge, the blockchain industry finally hoped for a long-lost recovery. Hashgard There have been many good news shared with community friends in the past two weeks. On the occasion of Christmas, Hashgard wishes every community’s friends to be peaceful and happy!

The news came !

At the technical level, Hashgard’s next-generation digital financial public-chain testing network is coming online. At the operational level, the Hashgard launched on the well-known exchange CoinMex.

More good news, please also drop down, this issue of the Hashgard biweekly report, freshly presented for you.

- 01 -


  • Hashgard Digital Financial Public Chain Test Network Coming Soon

On December 28th, the new Hashgard digital financial public chain test network has launched online. The Hashgard public chain development will be based on the Cosmos framework, breaking the chain-to-chain segregation, enabling token cross-chain interoperability and providing infrastructure for distributed digital finance.

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  • GARD officially launched on the CoinMex exchange

On December 20th, our token GARD officially entered the well-known exchange CoinMex, and the partners can trade our GARD through the CoinMex exchange. At the same time, we sent up to 100 million GARDs on CoinMex as a reward for airdrop activities.

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  • Hashgard Labs released assets certification report

Recently, the overseas researcher of the Hashgard Labs released a new report to explore the situation of asset certification: “Hashgard Labs | Exploring the tens of billions of underground network hard currency — Anonymous currency”, the report said: Anonymous demand exists, plus technology The continuous development has spawned a number of products that pursue absolute anonymity.

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  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi attended the 2018 China Venture Capital New Ecology Summit

On December 22nd, the 2018 China Venture Capital New Ecology Summit with the theme of “Smart Vision and the Future” kicked off. Xu Chaoyi, the founder of Hashgard, was invited to attend the roundtable forum. Xu Chaoyi said: In the future, many industries will be protected by blockchain technology.

  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi won two awards in the 2018 gold medal list

On December 22nd, Xu Jiayi, the founder of Hashgard and the founder of BKFUND, was awarded the “Best Investor of Blockchain in 2018” by the Hainan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Haikou Municipal Government’s 3rd Gold Awards Awards Ceremony. Top10” and “2018 Annual Venture Capital Popularity” two awards. The gold vote list is the most authoritative and recognized list of investment industry.

  • Hashgard founder Xu Chaoyi attended the ear EBTC blockchain technology conference

On December 16th, the EBTC China Blockchain Technology Conference hosted by Ear Finance was held in Beijing. The founder of the Hashgard, Xu Chaoyi, was invited to attend the conference and participated in the roundtable forum to discuss the blockchain technology and the industry. .

  • Hashgard co-founder Huang Yimeng attended the Scallion Block Chain Salon

On December 22nd, the well-known media “Small onion blockchain” held a blockchain investment salon in Shanghai. Hashgard co-founder Huang Yimeng was invited to attend and delivered a speech “Digital Assets Contract Market Research Report”.

  • Hashgard co-founder Huang Yimeng attends the fire currency open class

Huang Qimeng, the co-founder of Hashgard, was invited by the University of Fire and the Law of the Fire, and attended the Shanghai Station of the Huge Heavyweight Course to talk about the new block of investment in the blockchain industry.

- 02 -


  • Test the network online, the essay contest is hot

On the occasion of the Hashgard test network, in order to expand our community, let more people become investors and holders of GARD, and let everyone meet more people here, we launched a new content incentive plan. Write a Hashgard article related to the original article, you can get 200,000 GARD.

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  • Hundred-character love letter, write down your story with a critical

On the occasion of the Hashgard test network, we launched a hundred-character love letter activity for the community. We wrote a love letter on Weibo@Hashgard to participate in the event, with a maximum reward of 1 million GARD .

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  • As of the date of publication, the Hashgard official telegram group has more than 80,000 users in English and Chinese.
  • Hashgard official Twitter (@hashgard1) concerned about 6500 people
  • Reddit has more than 6,800 followers

- 03 -

Hashgard R&D Progress

  • Hashgard public chain progress

1. Hashgard upgrades cosmos-sdk to v0.28.0, and tendermint depends on v0.27.0.

2. Prepare the startup of the Hashgard test network sif-1000.

3. The Hashgard test network tap function test is completed.

4. Finish the finishing of the Hashgard operational documentation.

5. Hashgard Greater China Developer Community Preparation

  • Hashgard technology empowerment platform progress
  • Add

1. Quantitative backtesting function The internal test version is online: Quantitative backtesting is the historical performance of the strategy through the trading signal triggering and compositing of the historical data simulation strategy. The Hashgard webpage backtesting function simplifies the threshold for quantitative backtesting. The zero code implements the quantitative backtest and provides a probability basis for the actual measurement. The current version is an internal test version, which can be provided to users after one week of planned testing.

2. The enterprise employee rights platform is launched: the use of the blockchain’s open and transparent, non-tamperable characteristics, in the form of a Security Token for all those who have the right to distribute dividends. Enterprises at any stage can use this capability to easily realize incentives such as universal shareholding, internal equity transactions, and company net repurchase, which are currently impossible to achieve.

  • repair

1. Hashgard International Edition Corporate Director and Enterprise HR Permission Settings

2. Hashgard International Edition employee information import

3. Hashgard International Edition Volume Activation

4. Hashgard International Edition Single Employee Editor

  • processing

1. Quantitative backtesting function In the continuous development of webpage: in model debugging and parameter configuration development, it contributes more policy templates for backtesting for the official online version.

2. Employee Rights Platform User Training and Use Preparation: The user responsible person is completed and accepted. This week, the public network test environment is completed and the whole staff is used for training. It is expected to be officially put into use after the holiday.

3. Hashgard asset management platform (test public chain) prototype design is completed, under development

- 04 -

Our public platform

Official website:

Weibo: @Hashgard

Chinese Telegram group:

English Telegram group:

Vietnamese Telegram group:

Russian Telegram Group:




Currency circle:

- END -

Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain led by distributed capital and BKFUND and invested by 80 well-known investment institutions. The public chain will create an open, high-expansion ecosystem, solve the pain points in the digital finance field through technological innovation and ecological construction, protect the assets and rights of investors, and promote the healthy development of the digital financial industry.

The Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform is the first distributed commercial application on the public chain to provide enterprise-level services for a diverse blockchain ecosystem, including but not limited to digital asset management, securities tokens services, multi-party collaboration, and intelligence. One-stop solutions for contract deployment, community incentive distribution, content media promotion, and legal compliance.

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!

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