Transcript of Hashgard Anniversary AMA Session with Charlie Xu

We just had Hashgard’s first year anniversary. As part of our anniversary events, we had an online AMA session in Telegram on 3/27 with the founder of Hashgard Charlie Xu. Charlie answered questions from both English and Russian community members regarding our future plan, community management, technical development and many many more. Here is the full transcript of the AMA session. Thanks to our community for your support and warm wishes!

AMA session with Hashgard founder Charlie Xu, 27th of March*

*All answers are provided by Charlie Xu.

1. When are you planning to enter the top exchanges? Does it happen after the launch of the mainnet?

We are communicating with top exchanges. We will definitely let you know first time if we are listed on top exchanges.

2. When should we expect to see the beginning of the major marketing campaign?

We are having marketing activities and are communicating with many institutions in traditional financial services area. Will have major marketing campaign after the launch of mainnet.

3. It was said that the Hashgard has 80 investors onboard. The website reveals only 43 of them, can you name the rest? This info could strengthen the credibility of the project. Thanks!

We respect some of the institutions that would like to stay anonymous currently, which include many family foundation and globally recognized financial institutions.

4. Could you make a short video containing Hashgard’s office views like employees working at their desktops, meetings with team members?

Sure, we are preparing the video and will show it to the community soon.

5. I’ve noticed that the number of people in the community decreased. What actions will be made to reverse this process?

We have noticed that some of community members are bots that only came for candy airdrops. The rest that stays are long-term community supporters. Community members have been decreased in many major projects with the bear market.

6. Is there a Chief Marketing Officer in the project team? (let him introduce himself).

I am also responsible for marketing planning.

7. Just curious, do you know, why does Hashgard’s community believe in GARD? to be specific, what are the top answers?

If you are actively following our github updates and our overall development progress, you can find that our tech skills and understanding of blockchain are outstanding from our peers.

8. How did it happen that the price of the GARD has fallen? There was no ICO.

The price volitality of cryptocurrency is normal and the overall price of different projects are falling with the market. We are strictly following our roadmap and digging deep in product development.

9. When should we expect the promised listing on Bittrex exchange?

We did not promise for the listing of any exchanges. All the information regards to listing is subject to official announcement.

10. What are updates on TAMT protocol development?

The first version of TAMT has been open-sourced on our Github in Jan. this year. We figured that there is still space for further improvement so we did not announce to the community.

11. How many clients and partners have shown an interest in using the services that Hashgard has to offer after the mainnet launch?

Multiple institutional clients have shown interests in our public chain after understanding our main features. As we all know that the application of blockchain in real world will take time and effort of everyone.

12. The question is, how do you see the development of the Hashgard platform in the near future (in terms of customer acquisition, partnerships)? There are a lot of new projects and their number has grown significantly over the recent time. They attract users from the established companies within the industry. There is a risk that when Hashgard will finish its product, all potential clients will be already absorbed by the competitors.

We are developing our public chain based on Cosmos SDK and there are many exciting new features on our chain, which enable users to adopt blockchain in their business faster including cross-chain functions and interoperability.

13. What is an added value the GARD will bring to its users? How will the token benefit its users?

General publics are still learning blockchain technologies and we believe there will be many new users in this emerging field. We are working with an entertainment company in Canada to intergrate digital finance in their services. GARD can be used as delegation, voting rights and payments for gas on our chain.

14. Can you share more details regarding the project roadmap. The currently available roadmap is not very specific.

We will have our updated whitepaper ready to show to our community soon, including the updated roadmap.

15. What is a reason for the recent unlock of 10 bln GARD tokens? You said that the tokens will be used for further development of the project. However in the previous AMA the Hashgard’s representative told that initially tens of millions of dollars were received from more than 80 strategic partners. Are you out of funds? Could you confirm or deny the following statement: the further development of the project will be backed by the sale of the tokens on hand?

The token unlocked will be used in tech development, partnership and ecosystem building. Many actions we made will be decided by the community when we launched our mainnet. So we would like to have more users to have our token when the price is relatively low.

16. Is there any possibility that all the Dapps on Hashgard platform use GARD as their utility tokens in place of their individual token?

Dapps could issue their own tokens in our current plan. It’s up to the developers and operation team to decide whether to accept GARD or their native tokens. We do not have specific requirements at this moment.

17. How is Hashgard working with regulators to overcome the strict opposition to crypto currencies and ICO’s in China? Is there a plan in place to penetrate the Chinese market for STO’s?

We decided not to enter the top exchange due to the bearish market at the end of 2018.

We are a non-profit foundation registered in Singapore. Part of our develop team is based in China. We strictly follow the regulations of different countries and areas. We only have one round of private sale to overseas institutional investors.

18. Considering that Hashgard is one of the most decentralised projects on the market, how do they plan to educate the users and show its value over some competitors who are not as decentralised, but at least for now are more popular? Thank you.

We hope that there will be more users to contribute to the code development and the building of mainnet and community management. To promote the value of Hashgard.

19. What is Hashgard doing different from competitors?

We are focusing on the digital finance field and establishing a public chain. Most projects interested in digital finance are only have their protocols.

20. Does Hashgard plans to integrate an exchange or host ico’s in the future?

We are focusing on the development of public chain, but we have the ability to integrate an exchange.

20a. Where can I get a Hashgard hoody?

You can contact our community manager in private message for Hashgard products.

21. Just as Pundix POS systems have announced surprise projects to the market .. blockchain phones … have Hashgard been working on any projects that will surprise the markets in a positive way ?

We are currently building infrastructures for the digital finance public chain. Developers could use our chain to develop different interesting Dapps once we launch on mainnet.

22. How does Hashgard plan to increase number of users of your platform? Most Dapps/blockchains are suffering from inadequate users.

We will have many unique features in our blockchain to make it more user-friendly to developers. We will have incentive programs for developers after the mainnet launch.

23. What do you have to say in response to the recent notice that focuses on “illegal activities” published by the Beijing Finance Industry Association that states ICOs And STOs Are Solicited Illegal Financial Activities, Involvement In Such Activities Will Be Severely Punished As Of March 21, 2019.

We will not comment on any regulations and we strongly believe in blockchain technology.

24. Is it possible to know the details of the network structure? The number of nodes, The difference between the super nodes and the usual nodes (although in WP there is no mention of the usual nodes), number of tokens required for a node, other details about nodes.

We will disclose the information about nodes before the launch of mainnet.

25.Is there any possibility that all the Dapps on Hashgard platform use GARD as their utility tokens in place of their individual token?

We do not think that it is a good mechanism to require all the Dapps to use GARD. We need to be able to incentivize developers to utilize our network and reduce the cost of their development and operations.

26. What is the dollar value of the market Hashgard is entering in to and what percentage of that market is Hashgard confident of securing.

Our target is the trillion market of financial services industry. We are focusing on the Defi area and you can imagine the percentage.

Good question providers for GARD rewards will be announced soon!

- END -

Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain led by Fenbushi Capital and BKFUND and invested by 80 well-known investment institutions. The public chain will create an open, high-expansion ecosystem, solve the pain points in the digital finance field through technological innovation and ecological construction, protect the assets and rights of investors, and promote the healthy development of the digital finance industry.

The Hashgard Technology Empowerment Platform is the first distributed commercial application on the public chain to provide enterprise-level services for a diverse blockchain ecosystem, including but not limited to digital asset management, securities tokens services, multi-party collaboration, and intelligence. One-stop solutions for contract deployment, community reward distribution, content & media promotion, and legal compliance.

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!

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Hashgard is a new generation decentralized finance public blockchain. Garding the Realm of Blockchain!

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