Weekly Blockchain Application Landing Cases (11.23–11.29)

Application Landing

Open the Door to the World of Blockchain

Blockchain is a new technological revolution, relying on the characteristics of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, etc., which has a huge imagination space and rich application scenarios.

But at the same time, the blockchain industry is also an emerging industry. At present, more use scenarios are still in the stage of beautiful imagination. As a professional blockchain technology service provider, Hashi Technology hopes to focus on the direction of blockchain application landing, and work with all blockchain practitioners to promote the further development of the industry.

In the future, we will summarize the cases of blockchain application landing every week.

Overview of the application of the blockchain in a week:

  1. Hongbo Co., Ltd. responded to the letter of concern with Hashi Technology cooperation:

On November 28, Hongbo Co. (002229) issued an announcement to reply to the letter of concern regarding the previously announced strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Hashi Technology Co., Ltd. The cooperation plans to be made in the field of lottery and electronic tickets based on blockchain technology. The project will be integrated with blockchain technology in the process of prize selection, printing, distribution, sales, prize checking, rebates, and statistics. It is necessary to consider the high performance of large-scale data generation, and the requirements of decentralized, traceable, reasonable data transparency, and propose a suitable solution.

At present, the main blockchain products of Hashi Technology are the Hashgard SIF blockchain test network (based on the open source project Cosmos SDK, using the BPOS + dBFT consensus protocol), the Hashgard VM smart contract virtual machine, and the Hashgard Enterprise commercial blockchain technology platform.

2. Yizhuang released three major blockchain application scenarios

To focus on creating a new city,Yizhuang,a region in Beijing, released three innovative application scenarios of blockchain technology of the “Blockchain + Internet of Things”, “Blockchain + Finance”, and “Blockchain + Energy” on November 28th.

3. Aike Technology and China Mobile Internet of Things

Shenzhen Aike Technology Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the strategic layout of “Blockchain +” and accelerate the actual implementation of the combination of blockchain technology and IOT.

4. HSBC ’s US $ 20 billion private placement data is about to upload on the blockchain

According to the report on the Reuters news agency. HSBC intends to electronicize approximately US $ 20 billion of private placement custody data and upload it to its own blockchain platform Digital Vault for tracking and management. It is expected that as soon as March next year, the first batch of 20 billion US dollars of private placement data will be completed “uploading on the blockchain”, and later processes or intermediary costs related to “account checking” will be saved.

5. MYbank’s first 2 billion yuan blockchain small and micro loan asset circulation landing

The “Qiwei 2019 18th Micro & Small enterprise Loan Circulation Property Right Trust”, with MYbank as its consignor, was successfully established and successfully listed in the Banking Credit Assets Registration and Circulation Center. This is Yindeng Center’s first credit asset circulation product using blockchain technology. The product scale is 2 billion yuan, involving more than 70,000 small and micro enterprise loans.

6. Sinodata wins the bid for the Capital Airport Blockchain Project

Sinodata (002657.SZ) stated when answering the questions from investors on an interactive platform that the company had recently won the bid for the Capital Airport Group’s project of “passenger identity research service based on blockchain technology”.

7. Dell uses VMware’s blockchain technology to track recycled packaging product

On November 26, software provider VMware announced a partnership with Dell Technologies, and VMware will provide its blockchain solution to track and trace recycled plastics, supporting the user to check the source of the recycled material, the type of recycled plastic, and where it is recycled.

8. Node Pacific reaches cooperation with Tencent Cloud

On November 26, 2019, the overseas team Node Pacific officially reached a cooperation agreement with Tencent Cloud, which will be used in the in-depth cooperation in blockchain nodes, infrastructure construction, technology communities,ecological construction of blockchain technology , blockchain education and related fields.

9. Ningxia Blockchain Government App Launches

On November 27, the “My Ningxia” government mobile app, which was jointly established by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, was officially launched a few days ago. The platform uses the latest blockchain, artificial intelligence, biometrics and mobile OCR technologies to comprehensively improve the efficiency of government affairs and the user experience.

10.Japanese joint venture ARISE Analytics will use the blockchain platform provided by Amazon

ARSE Analytics, a joint venture consisting of KDDI and Accenture, announced that it will work with the integrated city system (City OS) of Fukushima Prefecture, Aizuwakamatsu, a smart city, to conduct a healthcare demonstration experiment, and the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, a blockchain platform provided by Amazon Web Services Japan, was used for data management.

11. CryptoCompare Announces Provision of Encrypted Data Services to BT’s Institutional Customers

On November 27, CryptoCompare, a crypto asset market data provider, announced that BT Radianz Cloud’s institutional customers now have full access to its digital asset data product suite, including reference interest rate and order data for over150,000 cryptocurrency trading pairs.

12. Beijing Haidian Enterprise Registration Uses Blockchain to Realize “Smart Approval” for Residence Review

On November 27, Beijing Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau achieved a new breakthrough in smart registration, applying blockchain technology to enterprise registration, and reviewing matters at the residence. The implementation of “smart review and approval” without manual intervention is the first of its kind in Beijing, and it is currently only piloted at the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau.

13. Qingdao built the first domestic 5G electronic evidence platform using blockchain technology

The Qingdao Arbitration Commission cooperated with domestic Internet companies to develop and build an internet arbitration platform and the first domestic electronic evidence platform using 5G network slicing technology. Since the beginning of August, more than 190,000 electronic evidences have been stored.

14. KPMG launches blockchain information tracking platform

On November 28, KPMG , one of the world’s four largest accounting firms, issued a statement that it launched a blockchain information tracking platform called KPMG Origins in Australia, China and Japan.

15. Bank of Communications launched domestic letter of credit blockchain platform

On November 28, Bank of Communications (601328.SH) stated on the interactive platform that the Bank actively carried out research on key blockchain technology and explored the use of blockchain technology in financial scenarios application, and the domestic letter of credit blockchain platform was launched, which shortened the average business processing time by 3–5 days.

16. The collaborative vaccine traceability pilot was launched in Tianjin, using blockchain to achieve credible traceability.

On November 28, the “National Vaccine Traceability Cooperative Service Platform Tianjin Pilot” and “Tianjin Vaccine Traceability Supervision Platform” were launched and the docking ceremony with the collaborative platform was held. Tianjin is the first in the country to successfully connect with the national vaccine traceability collaborative service platform, and is the first to implement traceable supervision of the entire process of vaccines from production, circulation to use.

17. Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel launched intelligent blockchain management system pilot

On November 28, Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel on Hangzhou Jianggan District launched a pilot intelligent management system. The data collected by the system was distributed on China Mobile’s BSN blockchain platform, which can prevent data from being tampered with and enhance public credibility.

18. Nanjing Real Estate Transaction Registration Uses Blockchain to Make Electronic Invoices Valid Vouchers

On November 29, after the citizens of Nanjing completed real estate transactions and registration, they could view the electronic invoices at any time through the “My Nanjing” APP or the Jiangsu Government Service Network. From the moment of ‘birth’, every real estate transaction and registration electronic invoice is stored to the electronic certificate database under unified management of the blockchain technology, so as to realize the traceability of the entire life cycle of data.

19. Alipay’s blockchain was first used in the subway

On November 29, Alipay’s blockchain technology has been successfully applied to the “ the interconnection and interconnection of code scan in major cities of Yangtze River Delta “ project. When residents of 11 cities across the country go to the other city, opening the subway app in their own city can also scan codes in the other 10 cities. Among them, there are 9 cities in the interconnection and interconnection of Yangtze River Delta, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Xuzhou.

20. The Blockchain Charity Platform “Future Community Love Station” was established

On November 29, Hangzhou Fog Computing Technology, Chain Cognitive Technology and Zhejiang Quzhou Public Welfare Organization Zhonghebang signed a blockchain cooperation agreement. The parties have reached a consensus on cooperation in the “Community Love Station” blockchain public welfare platform. In the future, the community love station will be an on-chain mutual assistance platform. Public welfare volunteers can receive real-time requests from help seekers and provide timely assistance. The platform will realize all public welfare behaviors, transparent and traceable on the public welfare payment chain, so that every love is remembered, and every love donation is clear.

21. Linyang Energy: Research and test of smart meters in the laboratory phase of blockchain has been realized.

Linyang Energy (601222.SH) stated on the investor interaction platform that the company is very concerned about the credibility of data collection based on blockchain electricity related technologies, and actively promoting the trial of related product technologies. Nanjing Linyang has a dedicated blockchain research team. At present, it has realized the research and test of smart meters in the laboratory phase of blockchain.

22. IBM receives new patents related to blockchain to prevent thieves from using drones to steal logistics packages.

According to CoinDesk on November 29, IBM obtained a patent related to the Internet of Things and blockchain technology. It is reported that the patent uses IoT sensors to track the height of the package and upload the data to the blockchain platform.

-END –

About Hashi Technology

Hashi Technology is an international leading blockchain company dedicated to providing diversified scenarios solutions for global customers. The team comes from giants such as Huawei, iFLYTEK, JD.com, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and top blockchain investment institutions. It has the domestic, autonomous and controllable underlying blockchain technology-Hashgard blockchain.

Since its establishment in early 2018, the company has served a large number of customers in the fields of lottery, games, equity incentives, asset management, etc., and reached strategic cooperation with many partners, including A-share listed company Hongbo shares, to jointly serve the real economy. There have been more than ten technology patents pending.



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